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Resources for site visitors

CODA site visitors play a vital role in the accreditation process. Access training and other resources.

CODA site visitors

Approximately 550 individuals act as CODA site visitors who play a vital role in the accreditation process. The Commission has a very strong commitment to site visitor training and requires all program evaluators to complete training prior to participating as a site visitor.

New site visitors must first complete the Commission’s Site Visitor Training Program. After initial training is complete, ongoing training and communications are provided via several methods including CODA Alerts, webinars, and “Site Visitor Updates."

Newly appointed site visitors must first complete a 7-unit training series.
After completing initial training, stay updated on policies, standards and program changes.
All site visitors must complete this annual 20-question quiz. 
Review applications, reports, self-studies, site visit materials and more. 
See the most recent updates from CODA leadership and staff. 
Learn about program director responsibilities, policies and standards revisions.