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CODA Communicator: Winter/Spring 2017

An Introduction from the Chair Winter 2017 Commission Meeting Highlight
Major Actions of Interest Upcoming Hearings, Events and Meetings 
Actions of General Interest Deadlines for Program Reports
Discipline-Specific Updates CODA Staff


An Introduction from the Chair

January marked the beginning of the Commission on Dental Accreditation’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. CODA is making progress on aspects of this plan, includingPicture of Dr. Mark Livingston continuing review of trends in higher education policy and regulation, creating technology and communication strategies to enhance efficiency and visibility, as well as continuing its work toward evolving its level of autonomy in governance and finances.

The Commission directed the appointment of two ad hoc committees, each to be composed of Commission members. One will study the possible establishment of an accreditation program for Advanced General Dentistry Education Programs in Implant Dentistry, and the other will study the interval of CODA’s accreditation cycle based on programmatic risk assessment. Look to future CODA Communicators and the CODA website for reports from these two committees.

As it does at each Winter Meeting, the Commission made decisions on its budget and set accreditation fees for the coming year. The Commission adopted a fee structure for 2018 intended to ensure CODA has sufficient resources to carry out its Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 and to ensure continued quality in the accreditation program, while ensuring its fiscal responsibility. Please take a moment to review the 2016-2018 Accreditation Fees document.

I want to say “Thank You” to Commission members and staff for their diligent work as we advance CODA’s vision of being a globally recognized leader for accrediting educational programs in the dental professions.

Dr. Harold Mark Livingston
Chair, Commission on Dental Accreditation (2016–2017)

Winter 2017 Commission Meeting Highlights

This year’s winter 2017 Meeting was held on February 2 – 3, 2017. The Unofficial Report of Major Actions (PDF) provides a summative review of the major activities during this meeting.

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Major Actions of Interest to All Accredited Programs

The Commission reviewed accreditation reports and took 304 accreditation actions on dental, advanced dental and allied dental education programs and recorded four (4) mail ballots on allied dental education programs. Accreditation Status Actions can be found on the Commission’s website.

Ten (10) programs received a formal warning that accreditation will be withdrawn in August 2017 unless the requested information, demonstrating compliance with accreditation standards, is submitted prior to that time.

The Commission affirmed the reported voluntary discontinuance effective date or planned closure date of six (6) education programs, at the request of their respective sponsoring institutions. The Commission also noted the mail ballot-affirmed voluntary discontinuance of three (3) education programs.

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Additional Commission Actions of General Interest

CODA Finance Report

Every February, the Commission determines its budget and sets its accreditation fees for the upcoming year.  The majority of the Commission’s expenses are related to travel for site visits and full-time employee salary and benefits. Annual accreditation fees help to offset these expenses.

For complete information on actions taken by the Commission related to finance for the 2018 budget, plus a detail of 2018 fees, refer to the Unofficial Report of Major Actions (PDF). You may also access the Commission’s Fee Schedule (PDF).

CODA Consideration of a Request to Establish an Accreditation Program for Advanced General Dentistry Education Programs in Implant Dentistry

The Commission directed that an ad hoc committee composed of Commission members be appointed to further study the request for establishment of an accreditation program for advanced general dentistry education programs in implant dentistry, in accordance with the Commission’s Policies and Procedures for Accreditation of Programs in Areas of Advanced Training in General Dentistry, with a report on the ad hoc committee’s progress at the Summer 2017 meeting.

CODA Consideration of the Accreditation Cycle Interval

The Commission directed that an ad hoc committee composed of Commission members be appointed to study the interval of CODA’s accreditation cycle based on programmatic risk assessment, with a report to the Commission in Winter 2018.

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Proposed Standards Circulated for Public Comment are due June 1, 2017. Read Hearings on Standards/Comments Due for the list of standards open for comments and their respective due dates.

2017 American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Annual Session Hearing on Standards

The Commission on Dental Accreditation will sponsor a Hearing on Standards at the American Dental Education Association's upcoming annual session in Long Beach, California. The Hearing on Standards will take place on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Room HY - Regency D. Please verify the room location upon arrival.  Please note that no written materials will be provided at this hearing.

Summer 2017 Commission on Dental Accreditation Meetings:
•    Review Committee Meetings – July 10-14, 2017
•    Commission Meeting – August 3, 2017 (Closed Session) and August 4, 2017 (Open Session)

For a more comprehensive list of all upcoming meeting dates, download the Review Committee and CODA Meeting Dates (PDF).


The Commission adopted revisions to the following accreditation standards:
•    Accreditation Standards for Dental Hygiene Education Programs, Standards 2-8b and 4-4b, with immediate implementation.
•    Accreditation Standards for Advanced Specialty Education Programs in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, new Standards 3-6 and 4-19 regarding diagnostic imaging facilities and interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and grammatical and editorial changes, with implementation August 4, 2017.

Deadlines for Program Reports

*Deadlines for many Program Change Reports are June 1 and December 1. Please refer to the Program Changes and Other Report Guidelines page for details. The Commission expects programs to adhere to published deadlines. These deadlines allow sufficient time for the appropriate Review Committees and the Commission to review the report and determine whether the change could impact the program’s potential ability to comply with the accreditation standards. You may also contact Commission staff with specific questions about reports and deadlines.

Applications for programs pursuing CODA accreditation; The first opportunity for the Commission to consider the program, provided that the application is in order, could be approximately 12 to 18 months following the application submission date 
May 15, 2017                      
 Deadline for Progress Reports related to Site Visits
 June 1 , 2017
 Deadline for Initial Response to Site Visit Reports
 June 1, 2017
 Deadline for:
Program Change Report
Request for Authorized Enrollment Report
Sites Where Educational Activity Occurs Report
Teach-Out Report
Other reports for Commission review in Summer 2017

NOTE:  Program reports and documentation must not include Patient Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  A $1,000 penalty fee will be assessed if a program submits documentation that does not comply with the CODA policy on privacy and data security.  A resubmission that continues to contain PHI or PII will be assessed an additional $1,000 fee. Review the Policy on Privacy and Data Security Summary for Institutions/Programs on CODA’s website.

Programs are also reminded that they must comply with CODA’s Electronic Submission Guidelines.

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Staff Contact Information

Commission staff are available to assist you.